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Getting Started With Your New Zippo Lighter

Getting Started

The Zippo windproof lighter is more than a lighter, it’s a genuine American icon. From the unmistakable click to the quality of material you are sure to enjoy your Zippo lighter for many years to come.

To get you started using your Windproof Lighter and to make sure you’re getting the best possible performance from it, we’ll review everything from the contents of the package to important safety tips.

Inside the package, either behind the lighter for clamshelled models, or tucked inside the lid for gift box versions, you’ll find an Instruction Manual. It’s important to read it thoroughly before use.

Your lighter is backed by the world-famous Zippo Guarantee, it works or we fix it free.
If you have any questions about the performance of your lighter, or to obtain service, visit our Repairs page or call Zippo Consumer Relations at (814) 368-2700.

How To Fill A Zippo Lighter

Filling A Zippo Lighter

Your windproof lighter is engineered to work best with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid and flints. Now, let’s go over how to fill or refill your lighter. Lighter fluid will evaporate even when the lighter is not used, so be sure to always keep the lid closed and it’s a good idea to refuel before each outing.
Take caution to do the following away from any source of fire or flame.

To fill your lighter:

1. Remove the inside unit from the case.

2. Turn it over and lift the felt pad to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber.

    • Hint: Use an unfolded paper clip or similar tool if the pad is hard to lift.

3.Slowly saturate the packing material with lighter fluid. Stop filling when the fluid reaches the top of the packing, or begins to change color.

    • Tip: Do not overfill. If overfilled, the lighter will leak fuel. Avoid getting the fluid on your skin, as it is a skin irritant. If contact with skin does occur, wash the affected areas promptly with mild soap and water.

4. Insert the inside unit back into the case, making sure to wipe an excess fluid from the lighter and your hands before igniting the lighter. If there is any fuel on the lighter simply wipe it off or wait a short time for it to evaporate. Be sure the fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in the vicinity before igniting – this is a flammable fluid.

    • Hint: If you plan to keep the lighter in your pocket, we suggest placing it “bottom down".

5. Using your thumb, strike the flint wheel in a downward motion to create a spark. If a flame does not appear, repeat.

6. Once a flame has appeared and you are finished using it, close the lid to extinguish. This lighter does not self-extinguish so you must close the lid.

  • Warning: Depending on the duration of use, be careful as the lighter may be hot to touch.

How To Replace The Flint On Your Zippo Lighter

Replacing The Flint On Your Zippo

Flints are something that need to be replaced, approximately every few weeks for an average user.

To replace the flint we need to remove it from the flint tube:

1. First, remove the inside unit (insert) from the case.

2. Turn it over and unscrew the flint spring using a small screwdriver or a coin. Slowly remove the spring.

      • Tip: The spring is under tension so be sure it doesn’t fly away.

    3. Turning the inside unit (insert) right side up again, remove the remaining piece of flint, if any, by gently tapping the inside unit on a hard surface.

      • Hint: Remove any stubborn flint slivers or residue with an unfolded paperclip.

    4. Insert a new flint in the brass-colored flint tube. Be sure not to confuse the brass tip on the end of the flint spring. Even though it looks like a flint, it is not a flint.

    5. Replace the flint spring and turn clockwise until tight.

      • Important Tip: Be sure the screw is tightened so the lid can fully close. A tight seal will help delay the lighter fluid’s evaporation. Re-tighten if the lid does not close.

    6. If the flint wheel binds after a new flint is installed, turn the wheel backwards a few times.

      • Hint: You can keep extra flints under the felt pad for future use.

    How To Maintain & Replace The Wick On Your Zippo Lighter

    Wick Maintenance

    Initially a new wick is white. Over time, the wick will turn black from carbon build up, which will reduce performance. When this happens you need to “trim the wick:”

    1. Using a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers, gently pull it up until the clean wick appears. Grab the wick as far down as possible to avoid ripping the wick.

    2. Trim the end even with the top of the chimney using scissors or wire cutters.

        • Tip: This should be performed once or twice a year. Each wick is almost four (4) inches in length, so after 2-3 trimmings you’ll need to replace the wick. The wick should be changed if the lighter does not light properly or if the ignition process has to be repeated multiple times.

      Replacing The Wick On Your Zippo

      To install a new wick on a regular or slim lighter model:

      1. Remove all of the fuel chamber’s components; the flint screw, felt pad, packing material, and the old wick.

        • Tip: To make reassembly quicker and easier, carefully reinstall the packing material in the same exact order as it was removed. The pieces will fit together better.

      2. Install the new wick thru the chimney hole and bend the top portion of the wick over the chimney to hold it in place during reassembly.

        • Note: On a pipe lighter, the chimney cap is removable. Just slip your thumbnail under the edge at either end and lift.

      3. Replace the packing material in small pieces, interweaving the wick between the padding in a serpentine or “S” pattern.

        • Tip: The goal is to make sure the wick has as much contact with the packing material as possible.

      4. Reinstall the felt pad over the flint tube and secure it with the flint spring as previously mentioned

        • Hint: Be sure the flint didn’t fall out during this process.

      5. Trim the wick even with the chimney height and reinstall the insert into the case.

      Use Genuine Zippo Fuel, Wicks, & Flints