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By customizing your own Zippo product on this website, you take full responsibility for any photo or artwork presented to Zippo for the purpose of placing it on a Zippo product.

All photos and art created or submitted by consumers for placement on a customized product will be reviewed by Zippo. If the content appears to be not acceptable with the Zippo Customize It! Guidelines, it will be rejected and an email notification of the cancelled product from order will be sent to the registered consumer at the email address provided at the time of order.

If the customized product order also includes lighter fluid, butane, flints, and wicks only, the entire order will be canceled.

If your customized order includes other Zippo products, those items will still be shipped regardless of the customized product being canceled. Sales tax and shipping/handling charges will be applied to only those products shipped. See Zippo Terms and Conditions for more information.

Shipping Customized Product

CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT WILL SHIP IN 10 TO 15 BUSINESS DAYS. Any regular product ordered with a customized product will not be shipped until the customized product is ready for shipment. Customized products (designed by you or engraved) are not returnable unless determined defective by Zippo so review your final design carefully. Review the Shipping & Handling section for more information.