Zippo In Movies

 Zippo In The Movies

Zippo Lighters Have Starred In More Than 2000 Films

Zippo windproof lighters have appeared in more than 2,000 films.  In every genre, and every budget –from the multimillion dollar blockbusters to the indie flick – when actors need a reliable prop to light the way, get out of a sticky situation, or draw out the suspense, you can often hear the unmistakable click of a Zippo lighter opening or see the spark of the flint wheel before the dependable yellow flame illuminates the darkened screen.

And it’s not just on the silver screen, Zippo lighters and other products in the Zippo family, including Case knives, have been spotted in countless prime time network and cable television shows, along with appearances in acclaimed streaming content. From fighting zombies, to activating the sprinklers to stop a deadly airborne virus, and even just serving as set dressing in a convenience store display to make it look authentic, Zippo products can often accumulate more than 10 minutes of on screen time each season and are seen by millions of viewers.

With a filmography spanning at least 75 years of the more than 90 year history, it’s no wonder Zippo lighters have been given as crew gifts and used as favors at award show parties.  And Zippo has auditioned and earned the role in each production – never paid its way into the spotlight. The windproof lighter with the guaranteed performance will continue to serve as prop master’s best friend for years to come.