Zippo Glossary

Zippo Glossary – Special Product Categories and Terms
The following terms are frequently used throughout Zippo’s marketing and product offerings. This list serves to familiarize Zippo fans and collectors with the distinctions between these common descriptors. It is important to note that any given product may fall into several categories (cross-referenced items are in bold).

Catalog/stock product
“Catalog” or “stock” products comprise thousands of established designs produced on a large scale and made available to the consumer market on a long-term basis. In addition to published catalogs (two per year as well as a supplement), stock products can be available on, Zippo-owned websites and other online storefronts. These pieces have no special requirements or limitations in terms of production or availability, though regional or international restrictions may apply. Though considered perennial product offerings, catalog items can be discontinued at Zippo’s discretion at any time.

A Collectible is a premium, limited-edition showpiece. In addition to its annual Collectible of the Year, Zippo may introduce a Collectible for other milestones or special occasions. Collectibles always feature multiple and/or high-end imprint methods and consecutive numbering. Collectibles are strictly limited in their production: when a Collectible sells out, it is not produced again, though existing stock may be available to consumers through distribution channels beyond Zippo’s purview.

A commemorative piece marks an occasion or event and often, though not always, accompanies a Collectible with the same purpose. Commemorative pieces may not have a predetermined production quantity and are never consecutively numbered, distinguishing them from Collectibles. Commemorative items may be discontinued or added to stock at Zippo’s discretion at any time. If you missed out on Zippo’s Collectible of the Year, you can still celebrate 90 years of ingenuity with our 90th Anniversary commemorative piece.

Exclusive, Web Exclusive
To be used when availability is limited to one platform (e.g.,, location (e.g., the Zippo/Case Museum) or to one market. This exclusive won’t be available anywhere else!Furthermore, “exclusive” can refer to Zippo’s proprietary methods or designs (Zippo’s exclusive MultiCut process) or to artwork created specially by or for a specific market or retailer.

Free, free gift
Any promotion or sweepstakes offering a free gift is accompanied by a clear description of the giveaway terms. Customers do not assume any monetary cost for a free gift, whether physical or digital.

Limited, limited-edition
Limited products are restricted in availability, whether in terms of production quantity or timeframe, and are available either while supplies last or during the prescribed timeline. Limited items may or may not have a predetermined production quantity or consecutive numbering.

Pilot Program
A pilot program can be considered an experimental market and manufacturing test. These programs may explore consumer response to a particular material, design or imprint method as well as the feasibility of production. Pilot programs are inherently limited in production capacity and may be discontinued at Zippo’s discretion at any time.

Pre-production Model
A pre-production model is the result of an internal feasibility test (often a pilot program) that is made available to customers on a broad scale before becoming a stock piece. Pre-production models may be discontinued or added to stock at Zippo’s discretion at any time. This pre-production model features a hand-finished, solid-copper case.

“Premium” refers to windproof lighters with decoration on four or more surfaces (e.g., 540 Color or MultiCut designs). These models most often arrive in mirrored packaging (marked “Premium”) to highlight their all-over designs, though they may come in other packaging, especially if the piece is a Collectible.

Zippo typically discontinues products on a yearly basis. Retiring products and designs will not be reproduced after the end of the designated year but will be sold until stock is depleted. In some cases, if a popular design appears on a retiring base model, Zippo may reintroduce the design on a different base model in the future.

Special Edition
“Special edition” refers to a model, Collectible or packaging released outside of Zippo’s regularly scheduled product or catalog launches. Special-edition pieces may mark a milestone, celebrate an occasion or be used to announce a collaboration between Zippo and one of its partners. Special-edition pieces may be added to the catalog/stock at Zippo’s discretion

Web Debut
Web Debut launches are small, curated collections that are introduced exclusively on zippo.combefore being made available to other marketplaces and distributors. Web Debut launches occur more frequently than catalog launches and are designed to give fans and collectors early access to in-demand and trend-driven designs. Web Debut product pages bear the headline, ZIPPO WEB DEBUT LIGHTER CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE ON ZIPPO.COM until the product is released to other platforms and markets. Web Debut designs may be either discontinued or added to the catalog/stock at Zippo’s discretion once their limited availability window ends.

Zippo Designs
While all art generated by Zippo designers could be considered “Zippo Designs,” this term is used for the category of designs featuring the Zippo brand by way of logos, wordmarks, icons and other historic imagery.