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Nylon Paracord Pouch

SKU: 40467


This pouch is ready for anything. Designed with versatility in mind, this new pouch holds a standard-sized Zippo lighter (not included) and is made from 26 feet of 5 mm woven nylon rope that can be used for countless emergency or survival situations.

    • 5mm woven nylon rope
    • 26 feet unraveled length
    • Belt and clip loops
    • Metal button closure
    • Metal button thru-hole post


    • Provides up to 450 lbs. break strength *not for climbing or descending
    • Plenty of rope for basic camp functions or survival situations
    • Attach to pants or backpack
    • Secures a standard-size Zippo Windproof Lighter (not included)
    • Won't scratch face of lighter and provides weighted end for rope tossing
    • *NOTE: some size variance is normal due to soft rope construction
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