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SKU: 40475


More power with less to pack. This mighty AxeSaw is built to take on more. Its versatility is essential for the woods, it works as a mallet, bow saw and hatchet so you can set up camp and spend time around the fire. 

  • 5"  Stainless Steel Axe Head
  • 15" Steel Saw Blade
  • Mallet
  • Dual Function saw handle & safety sheath
  • Cam and self-adjusting tension compensation
  • Integrated saw blade handle storage
  • Durable polymer handle
  • Lacquered saw blade coating


  • Easily cuts & chops branches
  • Durable & cuts branches / sticks up to 4" in diameter 
  • Drives tent stakes easily with full tang head 
  • Safety features keeps blade safe and readily accessible 
  • Lightweight and provides long-lasting use
  • Equipped with rust & corrosion protection for long lasting performance

Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman Specs
Height: 8.6″ (21.8 cm)
Width: 20.3″ (51.6 cm)
Depth: 1.6″ (4.1 cm)
Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)