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John Smith Gumbula is the Founder, Ambassador & Chief Indigenous Officer of Bur'an, Visionary, Innovative, Born of the WakkaWakka , GurangGurang indigenous people of Queensland & Adopted Son of the Yolngu people of the Northern Territory of Australia, John has a strong connection to this land and its people. As a recipient of the QEII Silver Jubilee Queens Trust Award for Young Achieving Australians, John had the inspiring opportunity to share his talents with the world by traveling to over 60 countries and sharing his creativity.

Why did you choose Zippo lighters as a medium for your art?

"I was drawn to the ongoing passion, innovation, diverse art and design. This passion lead me to Zippo, many years ago, and today I am proud to incorporate my culture and stories onto such an iconic global and family-owned brand."

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