1930s – Zippo Manufacturing Company is established with the production of the first Zippo lighter – complete with our famous lifetime guarantee.

1940s – Zippo makes its big-screen debut in 1942. Zippo lighters have since made over 2,000 film appearances.

1950s – The Slim® lighter is released and the new Date Code System is established using bottom stamps as identifiers.

1960s – The “Encore Moment” - Concertgoers raise their Zippo windproof lighters during musical performances for the first time, starting a phenomenon that has been replicated all over the world.

1970s – Our largest lighter repair to date: the iconic neon sign atop Zippo Headquarters.

1980s – Zippo releases its first alternative lighter insert, allowing users to choose their preferred flame for the first time.

1990s – The famous Zippo car is recreated after the original vehicle mysteriously disappeared in the 70s.

2000s – Icon status. The shape of the Zippo lighter was patented in 2002.

2010s – Zippo trademarked the unmistakable click in 2018.

2020s – Celebrating our 90th Anniversary.