Slim 65th Anniversary Collectible

That Was Then

Zippo Slim Lighter - Original Packaging

Slim® 1956 Packaging.

This Is Now

Slim® 65th Anniversary Collectible on Premium Packaging.

Luxury turquoise packaging celebrates the original design.

Zippo Slim Lighter Packaging from 1956.

The 1956 swing box doubled as a display case.

You’d think one global icon would be enough for Zippo. Enter the Zippo Slim® lighter.

It might be tough to follow up on a global sensation, but Zippo found a way. Back in 1956, for even more mass appeal (if that was imaginable), Zippo added a slimmed-down version of its classic windproof lighter to its repertoire. And the response was extraordinary.

The Zippo Slim® lighter was an evolution of Zippo’s brawny wartime image, but featured the exact same rugged dependability, functionality and lifetime guarantee that soldiers came to expect. The use of premium materials and intricate engraved designs appealed to a broader commercial audience and was a nod to the world’s return to post-war civility.

Here to celebrate the resounding success and rapid adoption of Zippo’s second world-famous innovation, the Slim 65th Anniversary Collectible pays fitting tribute to the original model and packaging with its angular pop-art design, retro-inspired bottom stamp and commemorative turquoise gift box.

The design on the lighter face is achieved with laser engraving and Laser Fancy Fill on a sleek Black Ice® finish. The back side prominently denotes the 65th Anniversary occasion and features the consecutive numbering of this limited run.

Collectible Features

Slim® Black Ice® Collectible

Slim® Black Ice®

Laser engraving and Laser Fancy Fill on a Black Ice® finish.

Consecutively Numbered

Quantities are limited to only 15,000 pieces worldwide.

Commemorative Stamp

A retro-inspired bottom stamp denotes it as a collectible and authenticates it as a genuine Zippo Lighter.

Premium packaging with the lighter on a velvet background.

Premium Packaging

The angular pop-art design was inspired by the original packaging that Slim® lighters came in.


Nostalgia Meets Modern Design