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Ronson Tech Torch: Built for Work

Ronson Tech Torch

Ronson Tech Torch Auto Start

The Ronson Tech Torch Auto Start is an excellent tool for projects around the house or outdoors. It produces a precision, 'hi-heat', blue flame for various applications such as hobby work, cooking specialties, loosening nuts, bolts, and pipes, and soldering metal tubing.

Ronson Tech Torch Uses

Tech Torch Product Features

  • Electronic ignition with auto start
  • Adjustable flame
  • Large metal tank that holds over 20 grams of fuel
  • Heats to 2400° F (1300° C)
  • Built in wind guard
  • Flame stays lit in inverted position
  • Includes connector/blower attachment, fine point soldering tip and chisel soldering tip
  • Child-resistant trigger
  • Packaged with Ronson Ultra Butane Fuel
  • One-year warranty.

Tech Torch Uses

The Tech Torch is great for indoor or outdoor use. Uses include:

  • Soldering of hard or soft solder connections
  • Jewlery or dental repair
  • Leaded glass work
  • Shrinking plastic tubing
  • Loosening nuts, bolts, and pipes
  • Bending glass
  • Craft and hobby work
  • Wood burning
  • Igniting pilot lights
  • Cooking tasks such as creme brulee or blistering peppers
  • Bending and shaping PVC pipes
  • Removing paint or putty
  • Precision work.

  • What sets the Tech Torch Apart?

  • The Trajectory of unit/flame - the angle of the Tech Torch flame versus perpendicular flames make this ideal for soldering work
  • 'Hands Free' Operation - The base enables the Tech Torch to operate in a static position on its end like a Bunsen burner
  • Adjustable flame
  • Attachments - includes 2 soldering tips and a connector/blower attachment
  • Co-packed with butane fuel
  • Quick and easy to use
  • More features for your money.

  • Features

    Adjustable Flame Dial Feature

    Adjustable Flame Dial
    The adjustable flame dial on the Tech torch allows for you to choose the intensity of the flame and size needed for different applications. The Tech Torch is equipped with an air mixture control to adjust the flame temperature down from the 'hi-heat' blue flame to a lower temperature yellow flame for tasks such as bending glass.

    Tech Torch Fine Point Soldering Tip

    Fine Point Soldering Tip
    The fine point soldering tip on the Tech Torch is commonly used for precision electronics work, but is often used for general soldering. The pointed tip helps to deliver heat to small areas, such as tiny surface-mount components.

    Ronson Tech Torch Chisel Soldering Tip

    Chisel Soldering Tip
    The chisel tip is typically used for general soldering work. This type of tip has a larger surface area that allows for more heat to be transferred from the soldering iron to the electrical component and/or solder. The chisel tip is great for soldering wires, through-hole components, large surface-mount components, and for desoldering as well.

    Ronson Butane

    Refillable with Ronson Butane

    The Tech Torch comes packaged with Ronson Butane for easy filling and fuels within seconds.

    To fill the Tech torch:

  • Only use Ronson Butane Fuel
  • Before fueling, be sure that the black continuous flame button is released (gas trigger in 'off' position)
  • Press white tip of the butane fuel vertically downward into the torch's fuel inlet valve on the torch bottom and apply firm pressure
  • Fuels in seconds. Stop fueling when fuel sprays back.
  • After filling the torch, allow a few minutes for the butane to stabilize before igniting.