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Pet Sweatshirts

Pet Hoodies

Designed for style and comfort with Zippo in mind. We know you love your pet almost as much as you love your Zippo. But, now the two can be intertwined. Our newest pet accessories collection introduces Zippo inspired collars, leashes, harnesses and more. Check out our new Zippo pet accessories for your furry friend. 



Pet Sweatshirts

Two Colors

Zippo inspired sweatshirts come in two different patterns. First in black with the Zippo script logo. Second in grey, with black Zippo block text logo inscribed on it. 


Leash Access

Leash Access

Each sweatshirt is complete with leash access. The buttoned pocket featuring the classic Zippo flames opens, giving owners the ability to walk their dogs freely.

Black Pet Hoodie

Comfortable Material 

Both Zippo hoodies are made of  a premium polyester and cotton. This creates a lightweight and durable hoodie for every dog. The cotton material keeps them cozy on cold weather days.


Size Chart:

Extra Small Gray Pet Hoodie Small Black Pet Hoodie Grey Pet Sweatshirt Black Pet Hoodie Gray Pet hoodie
Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
Girth >8" 8-23" 18-29" 22-39" <39"
Weight >10 lbs 10 - 25 lbs 22-55 lbs 55 - 75 lbs <75 lbs
Material Nylon  Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon
Machine Washable


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