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Pet Harnesses

Pet Harness

Designed for style and comfort with Zippo in mind. We know you love your pet almost as much as you love your Zippo. But, now the two can be intertwined. Our newest pet accessories collection introduces Zippo inspired collars, leashes, harnesses and more. Check out our new Zippo pet accessories for your furry friend. 

How To:

White Pet Harness

Step 1:

Lay harness flat on the floor opened. Slip both of your dogs front paws into each shoulder piece. 

White Pet Harness

Step 2:

After dogs front paws are into the hole pull up on both sides of the buckle. As you pull the harness start to form around the dog. Bringing the two clips together.

White Pet Harness

Step 3:

Once the buckle is snapped, make sure the harness is tight enough but not too tight. Once fitted your dog is ready to go.



Pet Harnesses

Two Colors

Zippo inspired harnesses come in two different patterns. First in black with a bone and flame pattern.  Second in white, with black Zippo script logos inscribed on it. 


Black Pet Harness


Each harness features adjustable straps at the neck and chest. The durable plastic buckle ensures a secured adventure with you pet. Both designed for easy-on and easy-off use.

White Pet Collar

D Ring 

For better control of your pet, a metal D-ring is attached to the back of the harness. This will ensure a safe and secured walk.  

Size Chart:

Black Pet Harness Black Pet Harness Black Pet Harness
Small Medium Large
Girth 8-23" 18-29"  22-39" 
Weight >25 lbs >55 lbs >75 lbs
Material Nylon Nylon Nylon
Machine Washable

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