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Mag Strike Next to Blazing Fire

Take the Chore Out of Fire Starting

Starting a fire has never been easier with our Mag Strike and Tinder Shreds.The Mag Strike has a ferrocerium rod and striker blade that produce a powerful spark shower to light your fire wherever and whenever. Our Tinder Shreds are easy to carry, light quickly, burn strong and are essential for a hassle-free fire.

Mag Strike Features:

Mag Strike


Our over-sized ferrocium rod (approximately 2 inches long) is equipped with a corrosion-resistance coating.

Rod Diameter - 5/16 Inches

Rod Diameter

The ferrocium rod on the Mag Strike has a 5/16 inch diameter. This rod is build for years of use.

Mag Strike Spark

Maximum Spark

Built with knife grade steel and a sharpened edge, this ultra-sharp striker blade won't let you down. Strike with more precision.

Shielded Internal Chamber

Shielded Internal Chamber

The internal chamber on the Mag Strike protects the ferrocium rod and keeps it dry.

Tinder Shred Features:

Tinder Shreds

Tinder Shreds

This bundle comes with ten tinder shreds made of natural shredded pine with a water-resistant paraffin wax coating. Easy to carry, light quickly, burn strong and are essential for a hassle-free fire.


Ignites with Spark or Flame

The Tinder Shreds light quickly and easily to get a fire started in seconds.  Each Tinder Shred burns up to 8 minutes.



The resealable package for these Tinder Shreds keep them safely stored for whenever you may need them.

Easy to Use:

Gather fuel for your fire - Tinder, Kindling, Logs

Step 1

Gather your fuel.

Prepping tinder shreds

Step 2

Place your tinder in the fire and pull the ferrocium rod out of the chamber.

Mag Strike in Action

Step 3

Point the rod at the tinder and maintain a 4-6 inch distance. Place the blade notch onto the ferrocium rod at a 45 degree angle and apply downward pressure.

Fire Ignited by a Mag Strike

Step 4

Push blade away from you and ignite your tinder. Slide the rod back into the chamber when finished.