Product Guide: FireFast Torch hidden

FireFast Torch 

Use your FireFast™ Torch for anything from hobbies to household chores! The torch is safe for indoor and outdoor use. Examples of each include: fire starting, soldering, heating, melting and thawing. 


Firefast Torch

Flame Adjuster

The FireFast™ Torch provides a high precision heat flame with the ability to adjust the intensity and size of the flame using the switch located on the side of the torch.

Firefast Torch

Air Mix Slide

Air mixture control allows the flame temperature to adjust from the 'hi-heat' blue flame to a lower temperature yellow flame. After igniting the torch, the flame type (blue to yellow) can be adjusted using the switch located on the top of the torch. Forward is blue, while back is yellow.  

Firefast Torch

Safety Features 

A child-resistant palm lock ignition and adjustable high precision flame settings create a safe environment.

Zippo Butane Fuel


For optimal performance, fill your FireFast™ Torch with Zippo butane fuel.

Easy to fill:

Firefast Torch

Step: 1

Open lid of the 18ml. butane canister and remove the additional red plastic prongs/adapters. Be sure to only use Zippo butane fuel. 

Firefast Torch

Step: 2

Place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling valve, located at the bottom of the FireFast™ Torch. Always refill in the position shown in Step 3. 

Firefast torch

Step: 3

Press white tip of the butane fuel vertically downward into the torch's fuel inlet valve on the bottom of the torch and apply firm pressure. Fuels in seconds. After filling, allow at least 2 minutes for the butane to stabilize before igniting.