Product Guide: Emergency Fire Kit hidden

Starting a fire has never been easier

Anatomy of the Emergency Fire Kit

Designed to save the day.

In the great outdoors, getting a fire started quickly can be a matter of life and death. The Emergency Fire Kit (EFK) comes through when others turn back. Fire up your campsite at a moment's notice as the EFK's compact and high-caliber construction packs enough punch to overpower bleak conditions. Built for years of use, this kit is one you're not going to want to enter the outdoors without.

Emergency Fire Kit Features:

Water Submerged Emergency Fire Kit


Our water-resistant fire starting kit floats in water for extra peace of mind. An O-ring creates a waterproof seal that protects the 5 easy spark tinders from moisture and keeps them dry.

Emergency Fire Kit with a Reliable Spark

Reliable Spark

The EFK features the same flint wheel that is in our Zippo lighters.The flint wheel provides reliable sparking (up to 1,700 sparks) in any weather condition. Note: When the flint wheel stops sparking, you can replace the flint in the flint wheel. No need to replace the kit.

Emergency Fire Kit Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Constructed with reusable ABS plastic and an integrated textured grip, this case makes it easy to grip in the toughest conditions.This kit also provides a tinder compartment for easy storage and protection from the elements.

Portable Emergency Fire Kit Attached to a Backpack


Keep this Emergency Fire Kit close with it's molded lanyard hole. Connect it to a lanyard or clip, attach it to your backpack, and you're ready to go.

Getting your fire started quickly and safely:

Placing an easy spark tinder on a rod

Step 1

Place the easy spark tinder on a stick or twig. Push cotton up through the tinder.

Fraying the cotton on an Easy Spark Tinder

Step 2

Fray out the cotton that was pushed through on the tinder.

Using the Emergency Fire Kit to light a campfire

Step 3

Take your EFK and spark the tinder using the flint wheel.

Placing the lit tinder spark into the fire pit

Step 4

Place ignited tinder into fire.

Zippo vs Competition Diagram