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45th Venetian Anniversary
 45th Venetian Anniversary Lighter

45th Venetian Anniversary

About Zippo's 45th Venetian Anniversary Lighter

This collectible celebrates the 45th Anniversary of the Venetian lighter, previously known as the Florentine. This lighter pays tribute to the extensive history of the Zippo lighter. The design includes three processes. First, Zippo's newest process Laser 360° Engraving. Using computer programming the design is replicated. The 360° Laser engraving process allows the design to seamlessly circumnavigates the entire surface of a lighter. On the non-hinged side the second two processes are featured. The "45th Anniversary" text is engraved using the MultiCut process. Lastly, the Zippo flame appears, using Epoxy Inlay.

All Zippo windproof lighters are American made in our Bradford, PA factory.


45th Venetian Anniversary


Standard case shape featuring rounded corners and top with a flat bottom. A five-barrel hinge joins the top and the bottom.





Standard insert with 16 holes in the chimney (8 per side).

Bottom Stamp

Bottom Stamp

Bottom Stamp with Zippo logo from the period authenticates this lighter as genuine Zippo.

45th Venetian Anniversary


The 45th Venetian Anniversary lighter is packaged in a luxury box, completing the look of this elegant lighter. 


Slim Lighter Case Classic Lighter Case 1935 Replica Case Vintage Case Lighter 1941 Replica Lighter Case Armor Lighter Case
Slim Lighter Classic Lighter 1935 Replica Lighter Vintage Lighter 1941 Replica Lighter Armor Lighter
Length 1.125" 1.50"  1.437"  1.437"  1.50"  1.50" 
Width 0.375"   0.5"  0.5"  0.5"  0.5"   0.5" 
Height 2.375"  2.25"  2.062"  2.375"  2.187"  2.25" 
Weight 1.5 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.4 oz.
Packaging 'One Box' 'One Box' 'One Box' with silver foil lid 'One Box' with special 'Vintage' I-card 'One Box' wtih silver foil lid 'One Box'
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