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Sparked by the desire to continue to do good in our communities, Zippo has partnered with Woodchuck USA to plant a tree for every collaboration lighter sold.

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Each lighter comes with a unique code to be able to see where your tree is planted. Enter your code below.

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Zippo proudly launched its first global tree planting program, and it's pledging to help reforest the planet.
In partnership with WOODCHUCK USA, Zippo's created a range of wood emblem lighters that contribute directly to the BUY ONE PLANT ONE program. A tree is planted for every 'Fight Fire With Fire' lighter sold around the world.


Hat Creek, located in Lassen National Park in California runs for roughly 49 miles and is renowned for its great trout fishing. The park enjoys visitors year round for various outdoor activities, however in recent years the area has been hit hard by wildfires that threaten the ecosystem and its wildlife. Our reforestation efforts aim to bring nature back to this devastated land by reforesting the Hat Creek area.

Numerous fires have ravaged the Hat Creek area.

Historic dryness and prolonged droughts have created conditions that increase the severity and spread of wildfires.

Hat Creek is well-known for its trout fishing but fires create instability in the ecosystem that threaten the entire habitat.

Reforestation efforts can help restore the habitat and bring wildlife back to the area.

Lighters purchased from this collection directly support planting efforts in California.

Wrapped Wood Emblems

Our partnership with WOODCHUCK USA has evolved to a new level of innovation and creativity. For the first time we are able to fully wrap a decorated wood emblem around a Zippo lighter.

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Madagascar is where this chapter in Zippo’s history begins, the world’s fourth largest island which has had 90% of its original forests destroyed in the past 50 years. Reforestation provides jobs for hundreds of people, a habitat for endangered species, absorbs carbon, halts erosion and flooding and brings back healthy farming and fisheries. Mangrove trees, grown at the Madagascar reforestation sites, are one of the most effective and economic methods of offsetting carbon emissions, directly contributing to the air quality of the planet as a whole.

damage done by a forest fire in madagascar

90% of Madagascar's forests have been destroyed in the past 50 years.

women prepping to plant trees in madagascar

Reforestation provides jobs for locals and helps boost the local economy.

lemur in tree

Creates a habitat for wildlife and brings back healthy farming.

tree planted in madagascar

Offsets carbon emissions and improves air quality.

Lighters purchased from this collection directly support planting efforts in Madagascar.

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Zippo Fights Fire with Fire, pledging to help combat the effects of global deforestation.