Zippo Proudly Reveals Limited Edition Lighter Immortalizing Ben Eine Art Collaboration

Zippo Proudly Reveals Limited Edition Lighter Immortalizing Ben Eine Art Collaboration

Ben Eine Street Art Lighter Against Backdrop of London Artwork

January 22, 2018, London - With its distinctive style and construction, Zippo lighters have served as a canvas for endless artistic creations throughout the brand’s 86-year history. In 2018, the little lighter has attempted something huge: the creation of a huge 188,368 square foot painting in partnership with world-renowned street artist Ben Eine. The mural is the centerpiece of Zippo’s campaign celebrating art in all its forms.

The new artwork came to life on a truly unconventional canvas: a sparse, industrial ground space in East London.  A master of messages, Eine paints large, bright, colorful letters and phrases onto city walls across the globe. For this latest piece, he painted the word ‘CREATE,’ a nod to self-expression and the proudly diverse Zippo windproof lighter range.

“Being a street artist I’ve seen my work come and go over the years with pieces getting painted over and simply eroding,” Eine said. “I like the idea of working with a product that has a lifetime guarantee – a Zippo is an unlikely place that art can have permanence.”

Months in the making, and live for an uncertain amount of time, the artwork serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of street art. The campaign will culminate in the permanent capture of the momentous work on a limited edition Zippo windproof lighter – a canvas that lasts a lifetime thanks to the brand’s world-famous lifetime guarantee. The lighter has sold out.

Front View of Ben Eine Street Art LighterBack of Ben Eine Street Art Lighter

“One of the biggest challenges with street art is not knowing how long your work will last; it could be a few more weeks or even a year. The project with Zippo has allowed me to highlight just how short-lived street art can be,” Eine stated. “Luckily, those who love what we’ve done can buy a limited edition lighter that serves as a permanent tribute to the work.”

Lucas Johnson, Zippo global brand manager said, “Zippo lighters have long served as a canvas for art. By capturing Ben’s most challenging work on an iconic windproof lighter we continue to shine a light on unconventional art and celebrate creativity in all its forms.”  

For 86 years, Zippo has brought unmatched levels of artistic talent to the smallest of canvases – from the early years of etching and hand-painted details to today’s cutting edge 360 MultiCut engraving process. With more than 300,000 designs created since 1932, the Zippo X Ben Eine partnership showcases the diversity of their windproof lighter range.


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