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January 28, 2019 – Zippo Manufacturing Company today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc. Northern Lights, founded in Wellsville, NY in 1978, has grown to become a leading designer of luxury candles and artisan-made accessories across the United States.

For Zippo, the acquisition adds a diversified product line, new distribution channels, critical know-how and expertise in a fast-growing, on-trend category to the Zippo family of brands. Northern Lights ranks as a leading candle company in the United States and manufactures candles for its own brands as well as for private label. Northern Lights sells to a diversified group of retailers from small and mid-size boutiques under the Northern Lights brand and to large mass market retailers under a variety of other labels. Northern Lights offers artisan candles both machine-made and hand poured in the USA using fine fragrances and essential oils, with vessels designed to be re-purposed.

The Zippo portfolio already includes W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., manufacturer of handcrafted knives since 1889, and the Ronson family of products for the United States – with both of these brands also based in Bradford, PA.

This pairing made great sense for Northern Lights founders Andy and Tina Glanzman, as Zippo and Northern Lights share aligned cultures, values, and positions. Both Zippo and Northern Lights are proud American manufacturers located in small, strong communities in the U.S., with long-standing reputations for dependable and beautifully engineered products.    

Zippo will leverage its existing international channels to begin globalizing the Northern Lights brand and product offerings, with the opportunity for additional expansion. 

“Northern Lights gives Zippo new capabilities and expertise in candles, and our system can create opportunities to grow the Northern Lights brand worldwide,” said Zippo President and CEO Mark Paup. “Northern Lights is a great brand to add to the Zippo family, and we’re looking forward to continuing Northern Lights’ growth into an even stronger and widely recognized international brand. Northern Lights also gives us access to markets which pair well with Zippo products, and offers new segments and opportunities.”

Paup said that Zippo intends to keep Northern Lights’ manufacturing operations in its current Wellsville, NY location, with the Glanzmans and all employees remaining with the company.

“I am pleased to welcome Northern Lights to our Zippo family,” said George Duke, Owner and Chairman of the Board for Zippo. “Andy and Tina have built a successful business, with many of the same values we hold here at Zippo and Case.  Our shared commitment to American manufacturing, to supporting our local communities, and deep appreciation for our dedicated employees are why we are proud to acquire Northern Lights.”

Artisan candles are a significant and growing segment of the global artisan sector. Worldwide, artisan candles remain a largely fragmented market, and currently, no single company operates across all formats on a global basis.

“The Northern Lights team is extremely excited to be joining Zippo Manufacturing Company,” said Northern Lights founders Andy & Tina Glanzman. “Northern Lights is a fantastic business with committed and passionate employees, a great company culture and history, and enormous domestic and international potential. Being part of the Zippo family will enable us to take the business to the next level and grow farther and faster.”

The Glanzmans continued, “We would like to send out a huge thank you to our customers and to everyone on the Northern Lights team who have helped us build this wonderful business and brand. We look forward to the next exciting chapter in Northern Lights’ vision to bring creatively designed, socially responsible products to market that will inspire consumers on a daily basis. We’re looking forward to brightening the world together.”

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Northern Lights has been brightening the world and beautifying homes with the warmth of candlelight for over 40 years. Our strong roots in the art of candle making have led to an eminent reputation as a leading designer of luxury candles and artisan accessories. By sourcing materials both domestically and internationally, Northern Lights is able to support local artists and their communities around the world. For more information, visit