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12 fl. oz. lighter fluid, Fuel Canister

Lighter Travel Kit


Get your lighter travel essentials with this lighter travel kit. This bundle includes one can of lighter fluid and fuel canister.

Lighter Travel Kit includes:

  • 12 fl. oz lighter fluid
  • Travel-size fuel canister


  • 4 oz. bottle of lighter fluid
  • Fast Ignition; Low odor
  • Clean burning; Made in USA


  • Aluminum
  • Swivel snap fastener
  • Split ring for keys
  • Disk to tighten and loosen flint screw
  • Rubber storage sleeve for one extra Zippo flint

NOTE: These products are for all Zippo windproof lighters. It is not for use with the Multi Purpose Lighter, Flex Neck, Candle Lighter or Outdoor Utility Lighter.

This product will be shipped via ground shipping. This item cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or anywhere outside the contiguous United States.  This product also cannot ship to an APO, AFO or a PO Box.

Lighter Travel Kit


Great for filling:

Filling Insert with Lighter Fluid

Windproof Lighters 

When your windproof lighter is out of fluid, fill your windproof lighter with Zippo lighter fluid. Hold the lighter in one hand. Use the other hand to remove the insert. Fill slowly and never over fill. You can do this by lifting the felt pad to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber. Saturate the packing with Zippo Lighter Fluid. Stop filling when fuel reaches top of the packing.

Filling Zippo Hand Warmer Canister

Hand Warmers

To fill your hand warmer with lighter fluid,pour Zippo Lighter Fluid into the appropriate 6 or 12 hour plastic filling cup provided in the package. Then carefully and slowly pour the contents of the filling cup in to the filling hole on the Hand Warmer body, while maintaining the Hand Warmer in an upright position. 

Filling a Fuel Canister

Fuel Canisters

Refill the fuel canister with Zippo premium lighter fluid when the canister is empty.

Fuel Canister Features:

fuel canister attached to backpack

Swivel Clip

Allows the fuel canister to easily clip on to backpacks, purses, zippers, etc.

fuel canister filling lighter and hand warmer

Fills Lighters & Hand Warmers

Enough fuel to fill one Zippo windproof lighter or a 6-hour fill on a Zippo Hand Warmer.

filling fuel canister


Refill the fuel canister with Zippo premium lighter fluid when the canister is empty.