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High Polish Brass

SKU: 254B-001678

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This High Polish Brass lighter is characterized with a lustrous finish. The perfectly smooth, brassy qualities makes it one of the the most versatile finishes of all. The High Polish Brass finish has been in the product line since 1982. Comes packaged in a gift box. For optimal performance, fill with Zippo lighter fluid.

  • Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click"
  • All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere
  • Refillable for a lifetime of use; For optimum performance, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.
  • Made in USA; Lifetime guarantee that "it works or we fix it free™"
  • Fuel: Zippo premium lighter fluid (sold separately)


California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Brass Lighters Banner

Brass Lighters

Introduced in 1982 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Zippo, the brass lighters continue to be one of Zippo's most popular lighter collections with a wide array of styles, sizes, and designs to choose from. The classic windproof lighter is our standard Zippo lighter and is the most popular size. The Slim® windproof lighter is for those who prefer a trimmer, lightweight lighter. The Armor™ windproof lighter has a case that is 1.5 times thicker than our classic windproof lighter. A light protective coating surrounds the solid brass lighter to prevent it from tarnishing before it is used. The coating will eventually wear off in normal pocket use.

Brass Lighter Finishes

High Polish Brass Lighter

High Polish Brass

The High Polish Brass lighter has been in the product line since 1982. All surfaces of the lighter (front, reverse, top, bottom, and sides) are finished with a lustrous, mirror-like finish.

Models 254 and 254B of the High Polish Brass lighters have a flat bottom.Our current lighter has a 'canned' (recessed) bottom or flat bottom.

Brushed Brass Lighters

Brushed Brass

The Brushed Brass lighter was created in 1982 where it has remained a popular model today. The front and reverse of this lighter are finished with a horizontal brushing technique that adds interest and dimension to the brass finish. Sides of the Brushed Brass lighter are buffed to a high polished finish for contrast.

Models 204 and 204B of the Brushed Brass lighters have a flat bottom. Our current lighter has a 'canned' (recessed) bottom or flat bottom.

Venetian High Polish Brass

Venetian High Polish Brass

Introduced in 1974, the timeless front and reverse floral pattern of the Venetian continues to be the most globally appealing lighter design Zippo has ever released.

The Venetian lighter has a high polished customization panel that can be engraved with initials, a short message, or a significant date for a personalized gift.


Tumbled Brass Lighter

Tumbled Brass

The Armor™ Tumbled Brass lighter was introduced in 2014. The entire surface of the lighter, including the sides and bottom, has been tumbled in a special media to replicate the random scuffs and scratches of a beloved, well-used lighter.

A distinctive bottom stamp authenticates this Tumbled Brass lighter as a heavy- walled Armor™, about 1.5 times as thick as a standard brass case.


gold dust

Classic Gold Dust

The Gold Dust lighter was debuted on the 2001 Collectible of the Year – Hollywood’s Leading Light.  This finish was used exclusively for the Collectible of the Year for the year 2001 but was soon released as a stock lighter in 2002. The Gold Dust lighter is gold-dipped and tumbled, giving the lighter a pocket-work look even when new.

Diagonal weave brass

Diagonal Weave Brass

Introducing a stately new finish, the Brass Diagonal Weave. Directional brushing brings new depth and tones to the brass lighter. Tumbled finished sides complete the look. Paired with a gold-flashed insert for heightened sophistication and functionality.


Brass Lighters


The Slim®, Classic, and Armor™ brass lighters have the standard case shape featuring rounded corners and top with a flat bottom. A five-barrel hinge joins the top and the bottom. The Armor™ lighter case is about 1.5 times as thick as a standard brass case.

Brass Inserts


All the brass lighters (slim, classic, and armor) have an insert with 16 holes in the chimney (8 per side). The Slim® lighter has a smaller insert. Mechanically, the Slim® lighter insert is identical to the full-sized Zippo models but simply reduced in size.

Brass Bottom Stamp

Bottom Stamp

All the Zippo brass lighters have a bottom stamp with Zippo logo from the period authenticating these lighters as genuine Zippo.


Brass Packaging


Unless otherwise stated, every Zippo windproof lighter is packaged in the 'one box'. The patented 'one box' is attractive, easy to handle, and designed to display more of the lighter than ever.

High Polish Brass


1) Bottom stamp featuring manufactured year (2) Protective coating to prevent tarnishing (3) Refillable (4) Windproof (5) Made in USA (6) Lifetime Guarantee

The Slim® brass lighters have a smaller width and weigh less than our classic windproof lighter. The Armor™ brass lighters are 1.5 times as thick as a standard Zippo lighter case, Brite Cut is limited to only Armor™ cases, Deep Carve can only be done on Heavy-Wall Armor™ cases, Armor™ lighters will not fit our display stands, and they weigh more that our classic windproof lighter.

Brass Lighter


To restore the natural patina of solid brass, we recommend the following:

High polish case: Clean with brass polish.

Brush finish case: Gently clean with multi-purpose cleaning pad such as light or medium duty Scotch Brite brand (do not use steel scouring pad). Carefully rub the pad in the same direction of the grain of the finish.

Lifetime Guarantee

The brass lighters, like all Zippo pocket lighters, are backed by the famous Zippo Guarantee - 'It works or we fix it free™.' Any Zippo pocket lighter, when returned to our factory, will be put in first class mechanical condition free of charge, for we have yet to charge a cent for the repair of a Zippo pocket lighter, regardless of age or condition. The finish, however, is not guaranteed.


Slim Lighter Classic Lighter Venetian Lighter 1941 Replica Lighter Armor Lighter
Slim Lighter Classic Lighter 1935 Replica Lighter Vintage Lighter 1941 Replica Lighter Armor Lighter
Length 1.125" 1.50" 1.437" 1.437" 1.50" 1.50"
Width 0.375" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5"
Height 2.375" 2.25" 2.062" 2.375" 2.187" 2.25"
Weight 1.5 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.4 oz.
Packaging 'One Box' 'One Box' 'One Box' with silver foil lid 'One Box' with special 'Vintage' I-card 'One Box' with silver foil lid 'One Box'
Lifetime Guarantee