The Official Partner of the Pittsburgh Knights

Zippo x Knights

Zippo and the Pittsburgh Knights are heating up the gaming space with a partnership that brings the iconic brand, best known for its lighters, one step further into the gaming community.


  • Through a multi-year partnership, the Knights will bring the integrity and innovative roots of the Zippo company to a new generation, with products like the Zippo Windproof Lighter and Zippo HeatBank Rechargeable Hand Warmer, that are well suited to not only spark individuality but also to get cold hands ready for battle, helping lead gamers to victory.  

Zippo Gaming Hand Warmers

Dead Device & Cold Hands? Zippo Gaming Hand Warmers slay both!



Expires 11:59 ET, 4/23

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Gaming Hand Warmers

From your favorite team to your most beloved game we have the hand warmers to suit your style and keep your fingers warm and your devices charged.

Gaming Lighters

Rep your favorite team or game with a stylish & exclusive Zippo lighter. Mod your lighter with Zippo Inserts, including the ARC!

An Amulet
Of Good Luck

Zippo Windproof Lighters are carried and displayed around the world as a symbol of good luck. They are also great for stress relieving fidgeting while waiting at the loading screen.

Warm Hands
Win Games

Zippo Hand Warmers are proudly used by esports champions across the globe to increase dexterity and reaction time. When it comes to heat, Zippo's got over 80 years in the game.

HeatBank® 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Up to 9 Hours of Heat
Charge Your Gaming Devices
Six Levels Of Intensity
Up To 12- Degrees Farenheit Operating Temperature
Dual Sided Heat
Rechargeable and Reusable

The Winning Click

Exclusive Designs with Top Titles.

And Mod Your Flame with Zippo Inserts, including the ARC!

Gaming Hand Warmers

Get Faster Hands Now!

Green HeatBank® 9s Gaming
Rechargeable Hand Warmer
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Black HeatBank® 9s Gaming
Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Sold out
Blue HeatBank® 9s Gaming
Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Sold out

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Show off your team pride with a hand warmer from your favorite football team!

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Show-off your love for the game with a hand warmer design from your favorite gaming brand.


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