The solid choice for firestarters

Zippo Solid Fuel Firestarters are a versatile fuel source that makes it easy to get the fire started in almost any condition. One resealable bag comes packaged with 10 individually sealed firestarters.

Solid Fuel Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Burns up to 10 minutes at 1,000°F / 537°C
  • Water-resistant & burns when wet or floating
  • Will not flow or melt
  • Produces little soot or residue
  • Can be burned indoors

Solid Fuel Benefits

  • High quality & dependable
  • Plenty of time to get a fire started
  • High burn temperature easily ignites tinder
  • Ensures ignition in wet conditions
  • Stays solid while burning
  • Very little clean up when burnt
  • Extremely easy to ignite

Solid Fuel Firestarter How-To:

Place Solid Fuel

Place one individually wrapped Solid Fuel Firestarter at the middle base of your fire pit or campfire structure.


Ignite Solid Fuel

Easily ignite Solid Fuel firestarter with either a spark or flame.


Let it Burn

Once lit the Solid Fuel will burn up to 10 minutes at 1,000°F / 537°C, perfect for getting that fire roaring.


Great For Any Occasion