Zippo Lighter Inserts - Single Torch Butane Insert

Zippo Single Butane Insert
Zippo Single Butane Insert lit in hand

About the Single Butane Insert

Zippo's new lighter insert collection including, this Single Torch Butane Insert, provides a new flame for the classic design. Some of the features include: a soft-touch ignition that allows for quick and easy lighting, all metal construction that provides a perfect fit for any regular size Zippo insert. The insert comes packaged in a Zippo 'one box'. Lastly, the reusable design helps to limit waste.

Information and specs on the Single Butane torch insert

How to Use:

Picture of how to put your insert into a case

Step 1:

All Zippo Butane Inserts will be packaged and shipped unfilled. To begin filling, remove the insert from either the packaging or lighter case. When removing be sure to place your index finger and thumb on either side of the insert, below the chimney. Be sure to flip the insert into an upside-down position.

Filling the Single Butane Insert

Step 2:

Once the insert is up-side down place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling valve. The filling valve is located at the bottom right side of the insert. Refill the insert for six seconds.


Note: always refill in the position above.

Adjusting the flame for the Single Butane Insert

Flame Adjusting:

An adjustable flame dial on the end of the Insert lets you easily control the flame height, providing extra flame height when needed.


Flip butane insert upside down, use a paper clip or a dime to twist the screw left or right. The positive and negative sign will indicate a larger or smaller flame.


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Uses per Charge/Fill

100 lights per fill


60 lights per fill


40 lights per charge


Flame Duration

5 Seconds


5 Seconds


5 Seconds


Recharge Time

1 hour


Adjustable Flame





Partially Charged



2-year Warranty


2-year Warranty


2-year Warranty