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Pet Leash

Pet Leash

Designed for style and comfort with Zippo in mind. We know you love your pet almost as much as you love your Zippo. But, now the two can be intertwined. Our newest pet accessories collection introduces Zippo inspired collars, leashes, harnesses and more. Check out our new Zippo pet accessories for your furry friend. 


Pet Leashes

Two Colors 

Zippo inspired leashes come in two different patterns. First in black with a bone and flame pattern.  Second in white, with black Zippo script logos inscribed on it. 

Black Pet Leash

360° Rotating Clasp

Metal 360-degree rotating clasp ensures a tangle free and secure hold that gives your dog best freedom.

White Pet Leash

Comfortable handle

Extra padded comfortable foam handle creates comfort for long walks. 

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