Product Guide: FireFast® Bellows hidden

Flameless Heat at the Push of a Button

This battery operated bellows delivers an optimal flow of oxygen and the heat-resistant nozzle allows you to get the bellows right where you need it. An ergonomic shape and comfort-grip handle will give you the upper hand over your next fire.

FireFast® Bellows Features:

rugged plastic construction

Rugged Plastic Construction

Made of rugged plastic our FireFast®  Bellows are durable and lightweight.

non-slip grip

Non-Slip Grip

An integrated textured grip and triangular shape makes it easy to grip in tough conditions.

fan vents

Fan Vents

The impeller style fan vents on the FireFast®  Bellows allow for optimal air flow for fire starting needs.

flame retardant nozzle

Flame Retardant Nozzle

Our FireFast®  Bellows nozzle is flame retardant so you can get the Bellows right where you need it.

Easy to Use:


Step 1

Insert two AA alkaline batteries (not included).

Battery run time: up to 180/1 min. bursts

Press power button

Step 2

Press and hold the power button to activate airflow.

small kndling

Step 3

Point bellows at the fire from varying distances, starting with an optimal distance of 12 inches.

For small kindling use short bursts (5-10 seconds).

large kindling

Step 4

For larger logs use longer bursts (30-60 seconds).



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