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Eagle Lighters

Zippo Eagle Lighters

The eagle design lighters are created using Zippo's various imprint methods; color image, photo image, emblem, laser engrave and auto engrave These unique designs have been placed on several differed lighter cases such as; High Polish Blue, Brushed Chrome, High Polish Brass, and Black Ice®.

All Zippo windproof lighters are American made in our Bradford, PA factory.

Imprint Methods:


Eagle Lighters

360° Laser Engrave

Using computer programming, Zippo's newest process 360° laser engraving, seamlessly circumnavigates a lighter entire surface. Bringing laser engraving process to a new level.


Eagle Lighters

360° MultiCut

Zippo artists meticulously render each line in the designs pattern, using a new laser engraving method to fill the design.

Eagle Lighters


Image is die struck onto various metal substrates such as brass, aluminum, and pewter.



Eagle Lighters

Photo Imaged

The newly enhanced photo imaging process offers a higher level of detail than any other process.


Eagle Lighters

Color Image

State-of-the-art printing method allows Zippo to imprint multiple colors or full-photographic representations.

Eagle Lighters


Zippo has two processes for engraving: auto and laser engrave. Auto engrave us performed by skilled artisans to inscribe an image into the product using creative fill patterns. A dimensional effect can be achieved by using directional fill patterns. Laser engraving is computer programmed to generate an accurate replication of an imprint.



Zippo Windproof Eagle Lighter Case


Standard case shape featuring rounded corners and top with a flat bottom. A five-barrel hinge joins the top and the bottom.

Zippo Windproof Lighter Brass Insert


Standard insert with 16 holes in the chimney (8 per side).

Zippo Windproof Brass Lighter Bottom Stamp

Bottom Stamp

Bottom stamp with Zippo logo from the period authenticates this lighter as genuine Zippo.

Zippo Windproof Eagle Lighter Packaging


Unless otherwise stated, every Zippo windproof lighter is packaged in the 'one box'. The patented 'one box' is attractive, easy to handle, and designed to display more of the lighter than ever.

Slim Case Image Zippo Windproof Classic Case Zippo Windproof Lighter Replica Case 1941 Replica Case Zippo Armor Case
Slim Lighter Classic Lighter 1935 Replica Lighter Vintage Lighter 1941 Replica Lighter Armor Lighter
Length 1.13" 1.50"  1.44"  1.44"  1.50"  1.50" 
Width 0.38"   0.5"   0.5"  0.5"  0.5"   0.5" 
Height 2.38"  2.25"  2.06"  2.38"  2.19"  2.25" 
Weight 1.5 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.0 oz. 2.4 oz.
Packaging 'One Box' 'One Box' 'One Box' with silver foil lid 'One Box' with special 'Vintage' I-card 'One Box' wtih silver foil lid 'One Box'
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