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Dark Lighters

Dark Finishes

Ebony Lighter


 Ebony, one of Zippo's signature finishes, is characterized with a jet-black, luminous appearance. Each model is accented with dimensional qualities that vary with lighting. 

Gray Dusk

Gray Dusk

 The Gray Dusk lighter features a slate gray translucent coating, which produces a sheer, glossy finish. A distressed texture peeks through under the smooth surface of the model. The Gray Dusk lighter has been in the product line since 2012.

Black Ice Lighter

Black Ice

 Black Ice lighters are finished with a reflective, charcoal appearance. The Black Ice lighter has mirror-like characteristics when shown in the light.

Black Crackle Lighter

Black Crackle

 All surfaces of the Black Crackle lighter are finished with a jet black, textured look. The Black Crackle lighter has rough, cement-like feel, which is perfect for a sturdy hold.

Iron Stone Lighter

Iron Stone

 Iron Stone lighters are characterized with a fine marble-like, stone appearance. The Iron Stone finish has the appearance of a rough texture, but is smooth the the touch.