Zippo Lighter Inserts - Arc Insert

Zippo Lighter Insert - Arc Insert

Zippo Arc Insert lit in hand

About the Rechargeable Arc Insert

Zippo Arc Insert information and specs

How to Use:

Double Tap the Zippo Arc Insert to begin using

How to Operate:

To light the Arc Insert, double tap the ignition in less than a one second time period. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent the Arc Insert from accidentally turning on in purses, luggage, coat pockets, etc.

Zippo Arc insert power level check

Power Level Check:

Blue indicator lights on the bottom explain the status of the insert


  • Solid = charging
  • No Light = charging complete
  • Flashing = charging needed
Recharging the zippo arc insert

Quickly Recharge:

Quickly recharge the Arc Insert with the included charging cable. This charging cable can be plugged into anything with a USB port.


Recharge Time: 1 hour

Features: Single Torch Butane Lighter Insert Double Torch Butane Lighter Insert Arc Lighter Insert
Uses per Charge/Fill

100 lights per fill


60 lights per fill


40 lights per charge


Flame Duration

5 Seconds


5 Seconds


5 Seconds


Recharge Time

1 hour


Adjustable Flame





Partially Charged



2-year Warranty


2-year Warranty


2-year Warranty