2019 Art Deco Collectible

This 2019 Collectible pays homage to the Art Deco period and its influence on Zippo’s earliest designs. An ornate geometric design weaves together the stylistic hallmarks of the period that made the Art Deco period so distinctive, and it envelops the Armor® High Polish Gold-Plated Lighter courtesy of Zippo’s MultiCut process, which allows 360° seamless deep carving to wrap around all four sides of the lighter.

All Zippo windproof lighters are American made in our Bradford, PA factory.

Imprint Methods:

2019 Collectible


Zippo’s MultiCut process allows 360° seamless deep carving to wrap around all four sides of the lighter creating a distinctive Art Deco pattern. 

2019 Collectible

Laser Engrave 

The engraved element is inspired by monogram embellishment, Zippo's earliest customization trend. Instead of a monogram, it includes a Laser Engraved box top artwork in the monogram space. 

2019 Collectible

Epoxy Inlay 

The hinge side features a Red Epoxy Inlay double diamond accent, adding to the Jazz-age sumptuousness of the lighter’s design. 



2019 Art Deco Collectible

Armor Gold Plated Case

This collectible lighter has a standard case shape featuring rounded corners adn top with a flat bottom. A five-hinge joins the top and bottom. The Armor case is about 1.5 times as thick as a standard case.

2019 Art Deco Collectible Lighter

Consecutively Numbered

Limited to 750 pieces, each  lighter is consecutively numbered on the back of the lighter 

2019 Art Deco Collectible

Bottom Stamp

This Zippo bottom stamp with the logo from the period authenticated these lighters as genuine Zippo.




2019 Art Deco Collectible

This Art Deco Collectible comes packaged in a black satin-lined deluxe box; known as Zippo's Luxury Cube Box. It unfolds to create a great display for the lighter. 

2019 Art Deco Collectible