Zippo Founder's Day - Something Big Is Coming...

JUNE 4, 2021


A global event celebrating the founder of Zippo Manufacturing Company and inventor of the Zippo Windproof Pocket Lighter, George G. Blaisdell.

Founder's Day 2021 Gold-Plated Edition Collectible

The design for the 2021 Founder’s Day Celebration Collectible was inspired by Zippo’s founder himself, George G. Blaisdell, and the family tradition that he began which endures to this day. The Armor Windproof Lighter is both deep-carved and lustre-etched before being 18k gold-plated.

An homage to the Blaisdell Family Signet occupies the central medallion shape, beautifully Lustre-Etched to show the delicate details of the signet design, while the Deep Carve pinstripes on both sides of the lighter are a callback to one of the earliest decorative elements available on a Zippo Windproof Lighter, known as the engine-turned design.

Production on this timeless collectible is limited to 10,000 pieces worldwide. Each lighter is consecutively numbered and features an exclusive Founder’s Day bottom stamp. Your collectible ships to you in a satin-lined cube box, suitable for premium gifting and display.

About the Blaisdell Family Signet

Signet Ring

The image on the lighter replicates the Zippo signet ring, designed by founder George G. Blaisdell to commemorate his pride and the great success he had achieved in his beloved Zippo.  Blaisdell commissioned Tiffany & Company of New York City to produce the Zippo signet ring in the 1940s.


The concept of the signet ring can be traced back to the Bronze Age, when individuals wore such rings to imprint a wax seal to secure a written message. The reversed likeness on a signet ring displays the image correctly when depressed into the hot wax seal. Use of signet rings has seen resurgence as recently as the late 19th century.


Blaisdell’s signet design features an open, lit Zippo lighter in the center, with the word ZIPPO arched above the central lighter image. The year 1933, which was the first year that Zippo lighters were produced, is shown directly beneath the lighter and is followed by the location of the company’s hometown, BRADFORD, PENNA. At the very bottom of the seal is the word LABORANT, Latin for “they work” - a most appropriate description for a Zippo lighter.


Each member of the Blaisdell family who has taken over ownership of the company has received their own copy of the signet ring, including Mr. Blaisdell’s daughters Sarah Dorn and Harriet B. Wick, Mrs. Dorn’s son (Mr. Blaisdell’s grandson) current Owner and Chairman of the Board George Duke, as have Mr. Duke’s descendants and likely so will the family’s generations to come.

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through 11:59 p.m. ET Saturday, June 5th

Zippo History



George G. Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932. Mr. Blaisdell creates the first windproof lighter in 1933 and to this day his grandson and great-grandson remain active owners of the business.

- FILM -


Zippo appears in first major film with the iconic windproof lighter; by 2020 Zippo has made more that 2,000 film appearances.



Concert goers begin brandishing the windproof lighter to request encores from artists, rumoured to have started at Woodstock [1969].



Zippo launches the Collectible of the Year for the first time. Since then, Zippo has produced a variety of different collectibles.



Zippo expands product offering with utility flex-neck lighter. The past 20 years have seen five new product categories added to the Zippo line including: outdoor, leather goods, and eyewear.



Zippo receives its first of two trademarks for its iconic design; in 2018, the satisfying sound of the Zippo 'click' became the second, and one of the only seven trademarked sounds in the world.

- 500 MILLION -


Zippo produces 500 million windproof lighters!



The very first customized lighter is created on Six years later sees the launch of a lighter inserts collection, including the rechargeable arc and butane torch, allowing fans to customize their own flame.

- ART -


Zippo partners with flame artist Steven Spazuk to launch its first global art campaign. Zippo has worked with over 27 licensed artists since 1932.



The brand launches its first Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Fight Fire with Fire, planting a tree in Madagascar for every Zippo x WOODCHUCK USA lighter sold.

- 600 MILLION -


Zippo marks the production of its 600 millionth lighter with a limited-edition design.
The 600 millionth lighter itself will be preserved and displayed in Zippo’s own museum in Bradford, PA for all visitors to enjoy.