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Utensil Tree™

SKU: 44031


There’s nothing like cooking over an open fire. Unfortunately, that includes dealing with a dirty, greasy fire pit that can’t keep your utensils, spices and condiments handy and still keep them clean. The Utensil Tree™ solves the problem all by itself. It keeps everything you need at your fingertips, but out of the way from children and up off the ground.


  • 8” diameter tray & drainage holds for rain/spills 
  • Scalloped top keeps items from rolling off
  • 3-pronged utensil hook; Towel bar
  • 2-piece powder coated metal shaft
  • Step bar with 2 heavy-duty 6" prongs
  • Long cooking fork rest
  • Adjustable height

NOTE: utensils are not included

Utensil Tree Specs
Height: 24.0″ 
Width: 15.875″ 
Depth: 3.250″ 
Weight: 4 lbs 

Utensil Tree Banner

Time to Take Dirt Off the Menu

This fireside companion saves your tools and campfire extras from falling on the ground and keeps everything you need in one place for clean-and-simple cooking.

Utensil Tree Features:

Utensil Tray

8" Polymer Tray

This Scalloped top tray keeps items from rolling off and holds all your condiments. The integrated drainage holes make it easier to clean up spills or rain.

Towel Holder

Towel Bar

A metal towel holder sits on the edge of the tray with indentations to rest long utensils against the stand.

Utensil Holder

3-Pronged Utensil Hook

This 3-pronged hook will hold all your utensils and keep them free from the gound.

Utensil ground stake

6" Ground Prongs

This step bar pushes down easily into the ground to set up wherever you need it.

Utensil Base

Hard Surface Base

This hard patio base will keep your Utensil Tree standing, just fill with sand or water. This is great to use when tailgating on concrete.

Utensil Storage Bag

Storage Bag Included

The Utensil Tree breaks down to fit in the storage bag for convenient transport.

Utensil Tree packaging


Our Utensil Tree comes packaged in a box.

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