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Emergency Preparedness Outdoor Basic Bundle

Emergency Preparedness Outdoor Basic Bundle


Don’t let bad weather or a wrong turn put you in peril.  This collection of heat and flame Zippo products fits easily into your camping kit and won’t weigh down your pack. 

A classic windproof lighter comes in a durable paracord pouch that can be unwoven to give you 26 feet of up to 450-pound load-bearing cord. Use the lighter to start your 6-Hour Refillable Hand Warmer, which once activated, provides gentle flameless heat.  Both the windproof lighter and hand warmer run on Zippo lighter fuel, and both can be refilled from the convenient clip-on Zippo fuel canister. 

The Emergency Fire Kit and Typhoon Match Kit each come in pocket-sized water-resistant storage chambers for campfire ignition in any condition.  The Typhoon Matches burn for up to 30 seconds. Even if you drop a lit Typhoon Match in a puddle, it’ll keep going. The Emergency Fire Kit combines a trusty Zippo spark wheel and flint with paraffin-coated cotton tinders.  Either way, you’re sure to start a fire that will last.   

Bundle includes:

  • Typhoon Match Kit
  • Emergency Fire Kit
  • 6-hour Chrome Refillable Hand Warmer
  • Paracord Pouch with Street Chrome Lighter
  • Fuel Canister
  • 4 oz. Lighter Fluid

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -