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Utensil Tree™

SKU: 44031


There’s nothing like cooking over an open fire. Unfortunately, that includes dealing with a dirty, greasy fire pit that can’t keep your utensils, spices and condiments handy and still keep them clean. The Utensil Tree™ solves the problem all by itself. It keeps everything you need at your fingertips, but out of the way from children and up off the ground.

(utensils not included)

  • 8” Dia. Tray & Drainage Holes For Rain/Spills
  • Scalloped Top Keeps Items From Rolling Off
  • Adjustable Height
  • 3-Pronged Utensil Hook
  • Utensil Hook
  • 2-Piece Powder-Coated Metal Shaft
  • Step Bar W/ 2 Heavy-Duty 6” Prongs
  • Long Cooking Fork Rests
  • Towel Bar

Zippo Utensil Tree Specs
Height: 24.0″ (60.96cm)
Width: 15.875″ (40.323cm)
Depth: 3.250″ (8.255cm)
Weight: 4lbs (1.814 Kg)

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