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All-Terrain Grill™

SKU: 44024


When the going gets tough, the tough start looking for something good to eat. Thankfully this grill is made to travel anywhere and cook anything. Whether you’re called to the outback or the backyard, its ability to crank out serious BTU’s puts good things on the menu no matter the destination.

  • Easy-Fold Spring Assisted X-Frame
  • Integrated Tow Handle
  • Push-Button Ignition
  • Integrated Utensil Hooks
  • Rubber Coated Wheels For Quiet Travel
  • Anti-Rattle Transport System Locks Lid In Place

Why buy a whole grill if you can only use half of it? Our goal is simple: Keep more heat inside the firebox. This allows for greater control of what matters most.

1. Exceptional Heat Retention with our cast aluminum firebox.
2. Porcelain-Coated Grate retains heat for excellent searing.
3. Flavor Infusion Panel provides indirect heat & vaporizes drippings.
4. Powerful Twin Burner produce 16,000 BTU’s of even heat

Zippo All-Terrain Grill Specs
Height: 22.0″ (55.9cm)
Width: 41.0″ (104.1cm)
Depth: 14″ (35.6cm)
Weight: 45lbs (.207 Kg)

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