Design Guidelines and Tips


*This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a set of general guidelines. Please visit Terms and Conditions for full legal terms.

You may not use images, artworks that:

1. Belong to someone else, meaning

— It cannot infringe on the copyright, trademark, or Right of Publicity of someone else.
— No names, logos, symbols, slogans or pictures of:

• Musical Acts
• Food, drink, or clothing brands
• Automobile brands
• Sports teams
• Universities
• Fraternities, clubs, or organizations
• Television, movie, cartoon or video game characters
• Companies of any kind
• Famous destinations
• Government agencies, organizations, or military branches

*Personally taking a photo of one of the above does not make it your own.
*Changing images/artworks by rearranging the elements does not make it your own.

2. Are inappropriate or offensive, meaning

• No nudity
• No Profanity
• No offensive, racist, or harassing remarks
• No violence or threats to people or animals
• No glamorization of drugs or alcohol abuse
• No exploiting minors
Nothing is generally poor taste as determined by Zippo in its sole discretion.

* This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a set of general guidelines.


Design It

Know your options. You have the ability to add an uploaded photo of your own plus five images from the image library (as well as add text) for just $14.95. Play around with what you have available to make a truly unique lighter special to you or a loved one.

Use your whole surface area. You can use the white squares on the corner of any uploaded photo to increase or decrease the size of the image, up to as large as the entire front of the lighter. You may want to extend your photo to fill the whole space, or you may want to leave room for text. Remember that you can put text directly over an image as well.

Don't forget that the lighter opens. Images look great when they cover the entire surface of the lighter, but pay attention to the placement. On the preview image there is a hinge and two small gray marks to signal where the lighter will open. Be sure that you like the placement before you submit, because we cannot manipulate the image position for you once we receive your order.

Use the image library. Not only will you save $5.00 by opting to use our library rather than uploading your own image, but you also have the opportunity to make a very interesting lighter. We offer many backgrounds and elements that can be manipulated together to create something special. Just like an uploaded image, you may change the size, placement, and rotation of our images. We offer many different examples of customized lighters throughout our site, including on the Customize It landing page and on the right-side “Preview” tab while you’re customizing to give you an idea of the type of lighters you can create.

Review your finished product. Check the Preview before you submit. If there’s an error or you decide to change any part of it, simply click “Adjust Design” and make your changes before you add to cart and submit the order. Once you submit, we at Zippo cannot alter it in any way, and once it is placed the order cannot be canceled.

Also keep in mind the size of a lighter. If your text is too small, it may be very hard to read. If you’re having trouble reading it on the “preview,” consider revising your design.


Choose the right font. If you write a name or message in all capital letters, choosing fonts like “Old English” or “Connecting Script” will make it very difficult to read. Trying using lowercase letters or a cleaner font like “Avalon” or “Helvetica.”

Choose the right message. Keep in mind you’ve only got 16 characters per surface, and the more characters you use, the smaller the font will appear. Make every word count!

You have four surfaces available. Don’t forget about the ability flip the lighter over with the arrow at the bottom left of the lighter image to utilize two more surfaces than you are shown at first. When you use all surfaces you have the chance to communicate a truly unique and meaningful message or personalization. Each surface engraving is only $4.95.

Don't forget the guidelines. Just because you’re not using an image does not mean that your customization is not reviewed for the same standards. Profanity, offensive remarks, or references to drugs, violence, or anything else in poor taste will not be accepted.