FAQ and Instructions


What is not acceptable on a customized lighter?
• The simplest answer is that your designed or engraved product cannot include elements that belong to someone else or that are inappropriate or offensive. Visit our Guidelines for a more detailed list or Terms and Conditionss for the legal terms.

What if the image doesn’t appear to be copyrighted?
• It probably still is, as most images are. In order to use that artwork, you will need to obtain written permission by its author to use any work you did not create. For more information Contact Us.

Can I use an image I found on the internet, (including search engines or social media)?
• No. Just because you found it on the internet does not mean that is in the public domain or available for your use. Even images that are widely circulated and manipulated on the internet may be owned by someone else (for example, the image on the “Grumpy Cat” meme is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced on merchandise). Keep in mind also that a person might post an image and claim that it is public domain when they didn’t have the right to post it in the first place. You may not use any artwork without explicit permission by the original author.

If I took a photograph of a celebrity or company logo, may I use that on my customized lighter?
• No. There are two distinct intellectual property rights in a photograph: 1. The rights to the photograph itself, and 2. The rights to the subject of the photograph such as the person, product, or brand shown in it. You would need explicit permission from the subject of the photograph (or owner of) in order to create merchandise with that image.

My artwork is based on the art of a third party. Is that OK?
• Not generally speaking. Artwork derived from the previous work of another will likely violate the rights of the owner of that work. You will probably need to obtain permission from the original author in order to produce merchandise featuring your artwork. However, if you were simply inspired by another to create a truly new piece of artwork, then you should not be violating the copyright of the other person. It’s best to consult with an attorney before attempting to use any artwork based on the artwork of another person.

Is parody acceptable?
• This is the same as basing your design on the art of a third party. You will need to consult an attorney before submitting your customization.

Can I use Clip Art or stock photos?
• No. Clip Art, stock photos, photo collections, or graphic programs contain license agreements that generally do not grant you the right to produce merchandise. You should consult the license agreement and your attorney to determine if you may use the images. Keep in mind that we do offer an image library that contains many usable backgrounds and elements for your design.

What if I do not follow these guidelines?
• Each order is submitted to Zippo and reviewed by a real, live person. That person, along with Zippo management, will determine if your design or engraving follows these guidelines. If your customization does not follow these guidelines it will be rejected. That item in your order will be canceled. It is Zippo’s sole discretion whether the customization meets the guidelines set forth.

Is the design on the customized lighter guaranteed for a lifetime?
• No. We have made every effort to ensure that the imprinted design or engraving on your Zippo lighter meets the high quality standards you have come to expect. The design will, however, wear with use and is not covered by our warranty.

When will my product ship?
• Customized products take a little longer than our regular non-customized items. If your lighter is engraved, you should expect it to ship in 5-7 business days. Custom lighters with color imaged designs will ship in 10 -15 business days excluding major holidays.

If my order contained non-customized products, will they ship together or separate?
• Your products will be held and shipped all at once. If you are ordering customized and non-customized items at the same time but want the non-customized products immediately, it would be best to place two separate orders.


Step 1: Decide on Design or Engrave

Since we do not currently offer a combination of the two, you will need to decide if you want a lighter with color imaging on it (your own image or those you choose from Zippo’s image library), or one with engraving. You have more base model options with engraving, but your message is limited to 16 characters per surface. Color imaging has fewer base models, but infinite possibilities for design.

Step 2: Choose a Base Model

You will click on the lighter you would like to begin with and then click on “Next Step” in the bottom right side of your screen.

Step 3: Customize!

Engrave It
You may enter text onto four different surfaces and up to 16 characters on each. To access the back two surface areas, click the arrow on the bottom left of the lighter image. Choose the font using the drop-down box on the left.

Design It
When you design, you have the opportunity to make a unique lighter by choosing background color, text, and images. You do not need to utilize all of these options, and you can choose and change them in any order.

Background color: The customizer will automatically start you with the background color that best matches the lighter you have chosen. You can change it by first clicking one of three places: “Background” in the Customizer’s top menu; “Background Color” in the box to the left of the preview area, or by clicking “Color Layer” in the box to the right of the preview area. Once you have clicked in one of these three places, you can click on any of the color boxes to change the color.

Text: Access the text box by clicking in one of two areas: “Text” in the Customizer’s top menu or “Text” in the box to the right of the preview area. You will type your text in the “Edit text” box to the left of the preview, using the menus to change font size and color. You can move the text box anywhere in the preview area. Use the small circular arrow to rotate the text box as you’d like. Manipulate the text in the “Edit text” box to position your text on multiple lines and with appropriate spacing.

Images: You can upload your own photo or choose from our library (or use a little of both). Your uploaded photo will always be the bottom layer, and you can add our elements around or on top of it. To upload your image, you will click “Upload an image” from the box to the left of the preview area. A new window will open, and you will click “browse.” Browse through your own files and choose the image you’d like, then click “Select.” You can change the size and rotation of your image once it is placed in the preview area. To add an image from our library, click “Browse Zippo Library” from the box to the left of the preview area. A new window will open where you can browse what we offer. When you find one you like, click it and it will be placed on the lighter in the preview area. You can change its size or rotation using the sizing boxes and circular arrow.

Navigating between the elements: If you need to go back and reposition an image or edit the text or background color, simply click on the appropriate element in the box to the right of the preview area. “Photo” refers to your uploaded image, and any images from our library you’ve chosen will appear there with a descriptive name. To add a new image from the library, click any box that doesn’t already contain an image (you can have up to 5).

Step 4: Preview

This will remove all the elements that will not actually be featured on your lighter (like the rotation arrow, the boxes around your images, and any bits of image that run off the edges). Using Preview you can tell if your text is large enough, your photo shows as much as you want, and anything else you will want to confirm is correct before you place your order. Check that your spelling is correct and you’ve added everything you want to your design. Once you submit your order, we cannot change anything about your design. This is the place where you must make sure that the lighter is exactly as you want.

Step 5: Place Order

Add the item to your cart and you may continue shopping. If you’d like to increase the quantity of your customized lighter, you can do so in the cart by typing in your desired amount in the “quantity” box.